Practice areas

Business Finance


How do I finance my business operations and grow my business?

Business Structures


Should I incorporate? Form a partnership? What is an "S" Corp? A "B" Corp?

Contracts and Operations


Are my business contracts enforceable? How much risk am I accepting? Can my employees sue me?

General Counseling Services


I need business legal services, but the company can't afford an in-house lawyer right now. Can i "rent" a general counsel?

Business Acquisitions/Sales


A competitor approached me about buying her out. I need help. 


I am retiring and my kids don't want the business. I know some interested people but what should I do next to get the company ready for sale?

Real Estate


I have a chance at a good deal on a new business office but the landlord sent over a 85 page lease! I don't understand half of it.